Monday, February 28, 2011

A sensual bracelet from Aroluna.

This simple and graceful bracelet is the chosen jewel for this week. You may know by now, if you go to aroluna's facebook fan page, and to the "This Week" section, you'll find how to get almost 20% off the price of Lena bracelet this week. I like it's sinuous grace, it's delicate but sturdy the same time.
I'll be in Buenos Aires from March 4th till March 20th, but I will be posting here the Jewel of the Week each Sunday night. My son is going to be in charge of mailing out all the jewelry sold during that period.
So, see you around next week to present you the selected piece. Remember that you can suggest pieces from aroluna that you may like to be on The Jewel of the Week's list.
Love and laugh!

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