Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dangling tube, a touch of blue and a trip.

I have been making these Fiona earrings for quite some time. A thin oxidized sterling silver tube with a dangling small lapizlazuli bead. I chose them to be the Jewel of the Week at aroluna for the next 7 days. I already posted the weekly jewels for several weeks ahead. You know, for fans and friends and friends of them, a special discount at  aroluna fan page.
I am planning and getting ready for a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina the first days of March. Aroluna will be open and I will be replying convos. The listed items sold will be mailed out by my dear husband and sons, but I will not be able to make any custom adjustments until my return to US by the 21st of March.
I will be posting the Jewels of the Week here, and you can already see the list in the fan page.
See you next week!

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