Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starting aroluna's Jewel of the Week!

Good news!
I was trying to find a way to thank my aroluna's Facebook fans for "liking"me and I came up with this idea of the Jewel of the Week. Each week I will select an item from aroluna and list it with a very special price under the name Jewel of the Week. It will have about 20% off it's regular price for a whole week. Aroluna's fans can check which item is selected each time at my facebook page, by checking the tab 'This Week'.  Fans are also invited to suggest specific items with comments on the FBpage. I am very excited with this project, let me know what you think about it at arolunaFB. I'm looking forward for your comments!
This week's jewel:

Laugh and smile!

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