Thursday, April 5, 2012

All about me

While taking time to take the photos of my new items for aroluna to post them here, dear Betsy from betsybensen published a post featuring me at a wonderful blog. Etsyworld is the blog from the Etsy team In the making (imteam) where I'm a proud member. Lovely Betsy posted quite a few pictures, take a look and feel free to comment if you want! While there take also a peak at other posts on the blog, I particularly recommend the Real studio managers posts and the Spotlights, all very interesting reads!

One more picture of my space I took these days:
 As always my recommendation and wish for everyone, starting by myself ;)
  Laugh and Love!


pey said...

Oh my god, Irene, your studio is so tidy and neat !!
xo Pey

ELK said...

fabulous studio!! off to visit the IM blog