Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Necklaces

I've been working for a while now on these three pieces and I finally listed them this weekend at aroluna.
The three of them have pieces I made years ago and haven't been using them lately.
They are actually four pieces, the Nebula has two that I tried to make as identical as possible, but opposite, so as to use them for this necklace. I hand  formed the wire to the shape I liked and then soldered it to a sheet of sterling silver. After sawing and filing I gave them the volume by dapping with sphere punches to the back of the piece.
The Natura and Intuition pieces were made, first shaping the outside form I wanted, then I formed and shaped the tiny wires for the inside and everything is soldered to the sheet of silver in a sequence of steps. Sawing, filing and then again here, the volume is obtained using the dapping punches applied to the back of the piece.
A friend of mine made the rubber molds and the casting using the lost wax technique. I finished the pieces before they were ready to be used for the necklaces. 
I also have two ring models using this technique and have made a large amount of one at a time rings while in Argentina, and in US too, but back when I used to go to Art shows. I haven't made a mold for casting the rings yet!.
I hope you like them, I would love to know if you do!

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