Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Fiona earrings are the "jewel of the week"

Ok, you are a fan, you "liked" aroluna's facebook fan page already.
You just have to send me a message @ the etsy store, OR a comment @ facebook,  something like--I want the jewel of the week at the special price--and that's it :). You get the special discount, special for fans, this week, until next Sunday (as it is explained @ the tab: this week for fans)
I've been doing the Fiona earrings for quite sometime now, and I love it with the different stones.
Wait a minute, you want it but with another stone... no problem, if it's malaquite, amethyst, lapizlazuli, black agate or maybe a carnelian or aventurine or just a silver bead, that's fine, you get the one of your preference. Just let me know in the message.
Don't forget to check aroluna's sister store, lunamora, for a different line of my jewelry.
See you around.

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