Monday, April 18, 2011

Magha Bracelet, this week: a bracelet

This week I chose the Magha bracelet to offer a nice special discount for aroluna facebooks fans. This is the last one of this bracelets, I kept one for myself, yes, my private collection :)
I updated this model. My designs are not static, every now and then I make changes to them, maybe several modifications over time, and then I decide it's finished. It doesn't mean they're are not beautiful, sometimes I change the method I actually fabricate them, and then they become unique and you won't see any more of the exact same bracelet.
So, again, this is the last Magha bracelet I have. I hope you like my choice for this week featured item.
If you want to have the special discount for fans, just "like" aroluna at facebook, check the tab This Week for fans and find out how to get the discount. Couldn't be easier.
Next post will be showing the stackable rings I have been creating, I love them all dearly! I hope you do too!

See you later friends, laugh and love!

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