Monday, April 25, 2011

Lena Bracelet

This week, the item featured as Jewel of the Week is the Lena Bracelet made with 20 gauge sterling silver wire. It's a delicate bracelet, simple but perfect for circles and round forms lovers! Check it out, you know, at my aroluna's facebook page, the tab this week for fans.
Silver prices are going up big time!
This is something every silver jewelry maker is obsessed these days about. It is unbelievable, and we all are in need to update, though I didn't just yet, it's very soon.
Here on the right side column, almost at the bottom, you can check the fluctuations, and if you want to see more, or a last year chart you can check their link.
The jewel of the week, has still old prices, so go ahead, you have a week from now!
Also, news coming from aroluna, maybe a sister store???

Love and laugh!

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