Monday, January 24, 2011

I keep thanking fans and friends!

I'm so glad to present this week these particular earrings,  Infinite with rodhocrosite. I soldered rings in a way to resemble the infinite symbol and added these cute rose little pebbles. This semiprecious stone comes from Argentina, where I was born, and it's a very typical stone there. There  aren't too many places in the earth where this stone is found, with this gorgeous pink color. I like the pebbles because they show the stone in a more raw , rustic manner.
I chose these earrings to be The Jewel of the Week. I hope you like my selection. You can also choose the Infinite earrings that I made with turquoise pebbles, which in my opinion are as beautiful.

You know how to find them, join the facebook page,  go to aroluna !

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